New York Roller Derby Observations

I had the opportunity to check out a Gotham Girls roller derby bout last night. Some observations:

  • The event is dry, I assume because it’s held in a college gymnasium. Fortunately, they have a pre-party as well as an after-party venue.
  • The teams have cheerleaders jeerleaders. The Queens of Pain also have a gimp mascot who skates around with a paddle holding up signs encouraging the crowd to “OBEY” and “SUBMIT”.
  • The Bronx Gridlock uniforms are great.
  • Beyonslay plays for the Bronx Gridlock.
  • The amount of bench support the Queens got compared to the Gridlock was strikingly different. The manager for the Queens (Buster Cheatin’?) was very engaged, pretty much always waving and hollering at the skaters, while the Gridlock pretty much let the jammers and the blockers do their own thing.