Professional Experience

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: UNIX Administrator, 2004–present

  • Responsible for daily operation of 10–15 Fedora Core Linux and several Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.
  • Support a cross-platform computing environment: Windows, Mac, and Linux, using Linux servers almost exclusively.
  • Created mail log parsing and reporting tool using Python, PHP, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • Created and implemented aggressive anti-spam strategy using SPF, blacklisting, and greylisting.
  • Migrated legacy mail system to Cyrus IMAPd.
  • Upgraded disk architecture to use the Linux Logical Volume Manager.
  • Developing Kickstart procedure to rapidly deploy new Fedora Core servers.
  • Eliminated old Majordomo list manager and moved to GNU Mailman.

Michigan Education Association Political Action Committee: Contractor, 2004

  • Created a website using PHP ( http://www.meavotes.org/) to accept volunteer, absentee voter, and contribution information for the PAC. Designed a MySQL database to provide storage for the collected information and for dynamic navigation features pertaining to local campaigns.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: Contractor, 2004

  • Configured Samba 3 running on Red Hat Linux to act as a primary domain controller for a campus-wide NT domain. Developed migration tools and procedures and aided in their implementation.
  • Configured a prototype OpenLDAP server to replace the aging Netscape Directory LDAP server. Revised the structure of the directory information tree to conform to standard schemas and common naming conventions. Created tools to aid in migration of data from Netscape Directory Server to OpenLDAP.
  • Researched possible group calendaring solutions to replace Netscape Calendar that would fit into IMSA’s computing infrastructure. Implemented several candidate software packages. Led a training session to familiarize a pilot group of users with one of the candidate packages.
  • Performed development on chosen PHP-based open-source calendar package (WebCalendar) to enable it to scale to accommodate the size of IMSA’s user base and include requested features.

Shabel Enterprises: Contractor, 2003

  • Installed, configured, and maintain three Gentoo Linux servers providing web services using PHP running in Apache, a PostgreSQL database, domain services using BIND, webmail using Horde, spam filtering with SpamAssassin, and mail services using postfix and Cyrus IMAP.

Safe-T Products: Contractor, 2003

  • Performed protocol analysis on a proprietary client-server application to determine the cause of persistent crashes.

Leads Construction: Contractor, 2003

  • Resolved error in Microsoft Exchange server configuration that was preventing mail from being delivered.

USG Corporation: Contractor, 1998–2003

  • Developed an application to report on the movement of GPS-enabled delivery vehicles using .NET.
  • Provided network security support, including network service auditing, creation of a new firewall policy, performing hardening procedures on servers, and working with developers to ensure the security of application deployments.
  • Acted in response to network security incidents by performing such tasks as identifying compromised machines, finding backdoors, and determining patterns of behavior of the attacker. Was a key participant in the remediation of compromised and vulnerable systems. Identified security weaknesses which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.
  • Served as Microsoft SQL Server database administrator, which included such tasks as securing and upgrading the database servers, query optimization, creation and maintenance of DTS packages and jobs, and documentation of the current environment.
  • Created an internal web application for dynamically displaying documentation regarding tables on DB2 database. Output was fully XHTML 1.1 and CSS2 compliant.
  • Implemented a VPN between USG headquarters and the Mexico City office via GRE over IPSec using Cisco routers. Documented the configuration of the VPN setup between USG and Mexico City and created a standards document detailing how future VPN connections are to be established. Configured Firewall-1 on Solaris to act as the firewall for the established VPNs.
  • Upgraded USG’s installation of the Multi-Router Traffic Grapher to use rrdtool for logging of SNMP traffic data. Modularized the installation to make it easier to add new hosts and created scripts to make it easier to create configuration files for large numbers of hosts at once. Integrated the Multi-Router Traffic Grapher into the Big Brother network monitoring system.
  • Part of an emergency decontamination of USG’s systems after the Code Red II worm shut down the network. Wrote a program in an hour that detected the distinctive network traffic generated by the worm and reported the IP addresses of the compromised systems so that they could be decontaminated. Documented the incident and what could be done in the future to prevent similar compromises.
  • Created a DNS management web utility. The utility allowed DNS data to be stored in a PostgreSQL database, from which zone files were created, and provided a web interface to the database, written in PHP.
  • Documented USG’s network, including the physical and logical layout, as well as the services being provided by many of the machines, and incorporated them into the Network Operations Center webpage.
  • Handled general UNIX system administration tasks (installation and configuration of operating system and software packages, performing security auditing, etc.) on a wide variety of platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux.
  • Provided general network and application troubleshooting.

Eaglesoft (A division of Patterson Dental Supply): Intern, June–August 1996 and 1997

  • Created scripts to automate testing of new releases of Select (an Eaglesoft application.)
  • Added support for a competitor’s database format to a conversion utility.
  • Added early stages of voice recognition capability to Chairside (another Eaglesoft application.)
  • Ported an internal application from Win16 to Win32.
  • Debugged applications.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: Student Network Project Coordinator, September–May 1994–1997

  • Installed and troubleshot network connections in dormitories.
  • Administrator of the ph database and mail delivery system on the student/staff Solaris cluster.
  • Kept GNU and user-supported programs up to date on the student/staff Solaris cluster.


  • Built and maintain the website for the IMSA Alumni Association, using Zope and Plone. This includes development of simple CMF applications.
  • Created an application for the Palm Vx which allowed it to interface with an NMEA-0183 compliant GPS receiver and display the data in a simple and easy-to-use fashion.
  • Installed Red Hat Linux on an AlphaServer. Configured it as a Web and mail server with spam filtering capability using Qmail, Courier-IMAP, Apache, and SqWebmail. Created a custom patch for Qmail to provide both encrypted and authenticated outgoing mail service, and repaired a serious bug in the existing encryption patch.
  • Was a peer tutor for the Phi Eta Sigma honor society in math, physics, and chemistry.


  • Intimately familiar with current web standards, such as XHTML 1.1, CSS version 2, and the W3C DOM, as well as accessibility guidelines and best practices relating to cross-browser compatibility and efficiency.
  • Six years of experience using PHP for dynamic generation of web pages.
  • Familiar with Java 2 Enterprise Edition and UML.
  • Seventeen years of programming experience in a wide variety of languages, including C, C++, Java, Python, awk, and assembly language for a variety of architectures.
  • Ten years of Linux system administration experience, and varying degrees of experience in administration of other UN*X variants, such as Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, and Ultrix.
  • Five years of experience with firewall policy design and implementation, particularly Linux Netfilter (for which I have designed custom packet-mangling modules) and CheckPoint Firewall-1.
  • In-depth understanding of and experience in implementing public-key infrastructures for data security, including creation and installation of X.509 certificates and PGP keys.
  • Extensive experience in technical documenting.


May 2002, University of Illinois (3.91/4.00 GPA)

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Highest Honors
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics with High Honors

Professional Certifications

  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, v. 1.4
  • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Enterprise Edition
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP #46696)


  • University Honors: top 3% of graduating class
  • Chancellor’s Scholar: completed all requirements of Campus Honors Program
  • Mom’s Association Book Award: Freshman who achieved 4.0/4.0 GPA with 14 or more graded credit hours and no pass/fail
  • Dad’s Association Book Award: Junior who maintained a 4.0/4.0 GPA or was one of the three top students in his college
  • Membership in Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Tau Beta Pi national honor societies
  • First degree black belt in Kuk Sool (a Korean martial art)

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