Move Right!

While it might be come as a surprise for those who know me to hear me admonish anybody to “move right”, there is one class of folks whom I would fervently exhort to do so:

Drivers on the Kennedy Expressway in downtown Chicago.

For those who haven’t had the experience of driving downtown in the Windy City, the key fact here is that on the stretch of highway to the west of the Loop, traffic enters on the left and exits on the right. While it’s easy to exit at highway speed and slow down on the ramp, the converse situation is quite a bit trickier. If you bring yourself up to speed on the entrance ramp, you’re left hoping that there is a hole in traffic into which you’ll fit. When that’s not the case, you have to slow down or stop, which means that when you do enter, you’re doing so at a much lower speed than the surrounding traffic, which impedes it. If drivers tried to keep right, it’d be substantially easier for people to merge in.