A collection of totally unrelated things that I’ve learned from some of my recent travels:

  • There are many places in New York City and Door County, WI that don’t take Discover Card. What’s up with that?
  • Based on my extensive sampling of two coffeeshops in Cleveland, OH (Santa Fe Cafe and a Starbucks), Cleveland is unaware of the existence of French soda.
  • There are a number of rivers in the United States that flow from south to north.
  • Coast in Milwaukee has excellent coffee. I believe, but am not certain, that the server said that they got a custom roast from Boom Brothers. Either way, great espresso, and the food was better than a stick in the eye too.
  • The “draft” in “Miller Genuine Draft” refers to the fact that the beer has not been heat-pasteurized. This is, of course, totally unrelated to what anyone who drinks actual, real, honesttogod good beer means if they say “draft beer“.